We’ve been in a bit of a funk on Monday nights with no Bachelorette to watch. We know, we know, there’s Bachelor in Paradise but as much as we love the cheesy Three’s Company opening, we just can’t get into it. We tried, but having to watch The Chad for one more second was just The Shits. So tonight, at a loss with what to do with ourselves, we turned to dreaming about what our ideal Bachelorette show would be. Here it is.

There’s Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Family Feud and Celebrity Game Night. We’re ready for Celebrity Bachelorette.  Who do we want filling the role of the Bachelorette? None other than the beautiful, athletic and smart-mouthed Katie Nolan.

katienolanbostonglobe2photo credit Boston Globe

Introducing the 26 eligible bachelors who will be battling it out for her heart.