ABTV_TomGirl_CissyJones_2017_05_02When Cissy speaks, we love listening. Whether she’s talking to us from a tower in Boulder, Colorado or telling us about the latest and greatest weekly specials at Ralph’s, Cissy invites us into her world with a coolness, charm and sophistication all her own. Ala @cissyspeaks to all her Twitter and Instagram followers, Cissy Jones is an LA-based voiceover artist.  She recently took home the coveted BAFTA award for Best Performance in a Video Game for her role as Delilah in Firewatch. Like Emma Watson winning the gender-neutral MTV Award, Cissy’s category was also gender-neutral and she brought that baby home, beating out some big time voiceover heavy hitters.

Cissy sat down with us and told us about the decision to leave her job in Silicon Valley and pursue a career in voiceover, and how it’s been one of the best decisions she’s ever made.