It’s time for fall football, fall fashion and fall television. There are so many great shows coming out and so many people telling you which ones to watch. The ones that I’m most excited about are:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Not gonna lie, it’s just because Andy Samberg is in it. I mean, I loved it when he put his dick in a box so I’m pretty excited to see what he can do when he sticks his dick in the primetime TV box.


Hostages: You have Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette. Not much more needs to be said.
The Crazy Ones: Maybe it’s because I grew up on Mork & Mindy and “Nanu nanu,” but I’m so thecrazyonesexcited for this one. Not only does it showcase Robin Williams’s return to television but the supporting cast is incredible. Just ask Buzzfeed who posted this about James Wolk , one of the stars:

And if that’s not enough, Los Angeles Magazine also did a fashion shoot with James and another star of the show, Amanda Setton. This will fulfill your desires for both fashion and entertainment. I’m telling ya, Amanda’s comedic timing is spectacular in this show and I would let James sing me dirty jingles for hours. Tune in.