This Sunday Funday we experienced our first ever Poker Run on the lake. The event took place on Hanson Lake just south of Omaha, Nebraska. Players gathered in boatloads for a chance to win the pot. At the first stop, everyone buys in and is handed a sheet to keep track of their cards.  They draw their first card and write down the result.  They don’t move on quite yet though, however. At each stop along the way, the hosts at the stop prepare various snacks and beverages. At one stop you might be greeted with smoked chicken wings and a cocktail called “Lake Water” made with blue raspberry vodka and at another you might have bacon wrapped sausages and a jungle juice slash sex on the beach mystery concoction. You never know what will be at the next stop.

After everyone has drawn a card, had a chance to sample the goods and done some socializing, everyone loads back up in their boats and heads to the next stop to draw their next card. On this run, we drew a total of seven cards and then the money was awarded to the top three finishers.  If you live on a lake or are headed to one for vacation this summer, try this with your neighbors!  Or, if you want to get really serious about it and see some insane boats while you’re at it, we found this massive Desert Storm Poker Run that takes place in Lake Havasu. It’s been named “One of the Top Five Poker Runs in the Nation” by Performance Boats Magazine.