Since today is the first official day of summer, we gotta kick this season off right. Here is a list of a few of my favorite summer items.
1. Roxy Sunset Stripes T-Back Halter Bikini: You’ll love the fun, sassy print and the black/white t-back will show off your shoulders.








2. Adin Speaker: Take this with you on your next beach day, bbq or camping trip. The speaker syncs up to your bluetooth so you’ll never be without your favorite tunes.

3. AQ White Grapefruit Acai Candle: A clean, fresh scent to inspire your summer days.

4. Gucci Black Perfume: The perfect, sexy, summer scent for your hot summer dates.

5. Nike Air Pegasus 83/30: Fun, brightly-colored and sure to stand out on your summer runs. These are the men’s colors but they work for men and women.

6. iPhone Case: Love the white case for summer, but you can’t go wrong with any color.

7. Steven Madden Nonstp Open-Toe: I have these in black and love just pairing them with cut-off jeans shorts, a black tank and funky jewelry. But now, I’m kinda wishing I had bought the natural leather as well.


8. Vince Camuta Gold-Tone Slice Stud Earrings: Don’t judge this one off the photo. I couldn’t find an image to do these justice. What I love most about these is you can wear them vertical like this picture shows, but they also have a cool, funky feel if you wear them horizontally.








9. Speedo Swim Paddles: Ladies and gentlemen, these are my secret to giving you the summer body you want. Not only do these sculpt your shoulders into god/goddess form, they also work wonders on your abs. By far, my favorite summer workout is grabbing these and hitting the nearest pool.

Biofuse paddle from Speedo









10. Paddleboards: One of my favorite summer sports is paddleboarding. If you’re on the West Coast, check out the gorgeous paddles at SUPSports in Santa Barbara. They’ll even custom design them with whatever images suit your fancy.






As for the East Coast, North2 in Florida has my favorite boards.








Alright, get out there and enjoy your summer!