Sorry guys, last week was Memorial Day and with so much good basketball and hockey to watch as well as an intense battle of Hungry Hungry Hippo with my niece, this TomGirl got behind on the Bachelorette post.  So, I’m going to briefly touch on a few things and then get prepared for the two-night double-header! Woohoo!hungryhip

Andi was down to 19 men and this week the dates began. She had two one-on-one dates and one group date and they did not disappoint. Eric was the lucky recipient of the first one-on-one and The Bachelorette wasted no time in bringing out the helicopters. This was my kind of date and why you just gotta love California. They started out at the beach making adorable sandcastles and then took a quick flight to the mountains for some snowboarding. Possibly the most perfect date ever.  Eric was very impressive and even had Andi wondering how someone could be so good at everything after confessing he rode a motorcycle across Africa.  She said, “You can’t make this shit up can you?”

Next up was the group date.  The group date started out wonderfully with the guys stripping down and going all Magic Mike for us.  Chris Harrison even got in on the action by spanking a guy in the butt.  All seemed to be going so well.  But then…Craig, Craig, Craig. Craig got super drunk and led Andi to have a mini-meltdown and fall into the trap of so many before her questioning if the guys were really here for “the right reasons.” One of my favorite lines from drunk Craig was, “I want to know Andi. I want to find out what she is.”  What she is?  Then, he jumped in the pool with his clothes on.  But he did have one of the best redemptions ever, although it wasn’t enough for Andi. His country apology song was epic. With just a guitar in his corner her crooned, “I messed up last night, I had too much fireflies, I bared my junk to 13 other guys, But I hope and pray that its alright, Oh Andi please let me stay.” Ah, maybe he deserved one more week after that. At least he’s entertaining.

There were a couple of other moments to note that also tie back to the first post.  Opera man Bradley sings to her by the fire.  She graciously applauds it (although I bet if you asked her she didn’t enjoy it) and says, “Wow.”  The only Opera Man I want to hear from any more is this one:

Then there was Josh M. calling Andi out for thinking he might be like the stereotypical player athlete saying, “do not stereotype me, please.”  I love that he came right out and put this on the table.  This is what I was hoping for when I made him one of my early picks last week.  Prove everyone wrong Josh and give athletes a good name.

Last but not least is my favorite farmer.  Andi’s second one-on-one date was with Chris.  Getting ready for the date Chris says, “gotta put some lipstick on this pig.” Humble, nice AND funny? Good pick.  They literally were off to the races and went to the horse track dressed in 40’s glam.  Andi is rockin’ the fashion this season and she looked spectacular in that green dress and updo.  Chris didn’t look too shabby himself and Andi noticed stating,  ‘I’m a city girl but if that’s what farmers look like I need to move to the country.”  Being from Nebraska I can tell her they do and you can’t beat the authenticity and kindness.  Hold on to this one!

Going home this episode were Carl, Nick and Craig.  Craig had it coming but I felt a little sorry for Nick S.  I thought his robot moves were pretty hot, although I guess in the end too revealing of his robot parts. I hope he does find that “sexy hot lady robot to boost his ego.”

Lastly, this episode did inspire a new Bachelorette drinking game. Every time she says “stop” or “stop it” you all must drink.

Looking forward to the doubleheader!