brodieAlright all you adventure junkies, get ready!  Timex just launched a new social media campaign called the #MyExpedition Project and you have a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime expedition for two to one of seven incredible destinations! All you have to do is share your everyday adventure photos or videos using the hashtags #MyExpedition #Contest. So while you’re out there enjoying all your crazy, epic, summer adventures, why not document your fun with a post for a chance to win? We will be!

Timex was no dummy on this one and teamed up with YouTube sensations Frisbee trick-shot artist Brodie Smith and extreme sport videographer Devin Graham, aka Devin Super Tramp to create an incredible ad which already has over a million hits:

We’ve always been big fans of Team Super Tramp here at TomGirl and have shared many of their videos with you, like this one of a human water catapult:

Whether they’re sandboading, jetboating, hot air balloon rope swinging or doing any of their other amazing activities, the videos are always exhilirating and make you want to leave your day job immediately to join them on their next adventure. You hear that Devin, we’re waiting for the invite. No, seriously.

To follow their action, a new video posts to the Devin Super Tramp YouTube channel every Monday at 6pm PST.