Today’s a rough one as many are still trying to recover from Team USA’s loss yesterday and exit from the World Cup.  The team fought hard and it was incredible to see the country rally around them in support.  It was a great run. I also want to thank US Soccer for creating an awesome jersey for me for the final game. USMENHOMETOMGIRL   But before I shift my mind to preparing for college football and wondering if my beloved Cornhuskers are ever going to be true contenders again, I want to talk about two entertaining moments from the World Cup that have stuck with me.

On Saturday, June 28th I opened the Los Angeles Times to the sports section. At the bottom of the front page was a picture of Brazil’s Neymar shirtless with his shirt dangling around his neck, glorious abs exposed. neymarshirtlessThe caption said “Neymar scored four goals in Brazil’s three games, but he was caught wearing the non-FIFA-approved kind of underwear.”  This literally made me LOL. It seems to me that being 22-years-old and scoring four goals in three World Cup games is pretty freakin’ impressive and who gives a shit what type of underwear he was wearing. The second part of the statement is like the Debbie Downer after such an incredible feat. It just seems ridiculous that anyone would care what type of underwear he was wearing-unless of course he was going to take off his pants after a goal and streak the field-in that case, I’m a boxer briefs type of girl so I would be hoping to see him in those.

FIFA on the other hand, would not find that funny. FIFA is now reportedly investigating Neymar’s undies and he could be facing a fine.  I had no idea how seriously FIFA takes their unmentionables.  Neymar’s skivvies seem pretty harmless to me. They’re called Sunga Army Copa Tie Die shorts and considered the Brazilian version of the speedo.  You can order some for yourself so you can streak in your bedroom yelling “Gooooooooaaaaaaaaal!” next time you score.

FIFA also made big news when they banned Dr. Dre’s $3 billion Beats by Dre from the World Cup.  Neymar was apparently feeling  bold again today as he was seen wearing the banned headphones. neymarbeats

As a spectator, I think feeling bold is what the World Cup is all about.  The athletes make bold sacrifices, bold decisions, bold moves and they should be able to express themselves boldly. Let them listen to whatever headphones they want and let them wear whatever underwear they please.  I actually think it would be even more fun if the undies got really bold because let’s be honest, we all look forward to those moments when they rip their shirts off and expose those chiseled abs and what better to make those moments even more fun than fun undies. Oh, and for a fine example of those moments, check out Instinct Magazine’s pecktoral, I mean pictorial.

The second moment I wanted to discuss was this 7 minute video of Mexican reporter Vanessa Huppenkothen that went viral. The girl with a Masters degree in journalism/sports broadcasting in me could go on a big rant about this one, but since I just spent the last five paragraphs talking about guys’ abs and undies, I’ll save that for another discussion. So I’ll just let you enjoy this one:

She is stunningly beautiful, I just think they could’ve made better use of the video than a 6 1/2 minute slo motion boob bounce (I’m sure many of you will disagree). It also got me thinking, why don’t we see anything like this for any of our male sports broadcasters?  I want to take this to a vote.  If you could see a 7 minute slo mo video of Charles Barkley, Brent Musburger or Jesse Palmer, who would you choose?


Send in your votes and I just might make your dream come true.